What’s YOUR Sabi Story?



If you bought a Sabi, then you have a story to tell.

We want to hear it!

Tell us which Sabi you bought and why.
What appealed to you about the product?
What did you think you’d use it for?
How do you like using it?
Do you have suggestions for improvements?

Email us (customercare@sabi.com) your answers to these questions, and any other feedback you have (500 words or less).
Add a photo of you with your Sabi and we’ll enter you to win the Sabi product of your choice, FREE!

Note: We may want to edit and publish your Sabi story on our blog (http://blog.sabi.com)
and/or on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/Sabibrand)
and/or on our Twitter feed (@Sabi_brand).

Thanks in advance for sharing YOUR Sabi story with us.


Team Sabi






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