Introducing… the FREE Sabi iPhone App

Sabi’s Easy to Use Pill Reminder App for iPhone is FINALLY HERE! And it’s FREE!

Never forget to take your pills again!

Download it now or read a little more about it’s features, below:


  • Easiest, clearest and fastest to set up and use
  • Includes step-by-step instruction screens
  • Easily program your medication schedule, med by med in 3 easy steps
  • Includes ability to photograph your med/pill bottle/Rx and save it to that medication file
  • Can set a schedule and reminders for a parent, child, or spouse – any number of additional users who need to be reminded to take their meds
  • In one tap, can email yours of any other user’s “Med Cabinet” with all meds and scheduling to doctor or anyone else
  • Set medication reminders so you never forget to take your meds
  • Set reminders to refill your meds on time, so you’re always well-stocked
  • Set water reminders, so you remember to drink throughout the day
  • Set special Sabi ‘elevate. everyday.’ reminders to receive inspiring surprise messages that will brighten your day
  • Can choose to receive reminders by text message and/or chime (sound), and/or vibrate
  • Can easily turn set reminders on/off
  • Once you receive a reminder, you can choose to dismiss it or have in “nag” you again in 10 minutes
  • Text sizer lets you enlarge text to largest capacity so app screens are easy to read and navigate
  • Question marks on upper right corner of every app screen provide guidance for that specific screen, so you never get stuck and the app is easy to navigate, and frustration-free

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Sabi does #FeedtheDeed :)

My name is Jenny. I work for Sabi and know how much joy our pill organizers can bring to people. So when I was nominated to #feedthedeed (an awesome little initiative that was started by Kindness Counts on Facebook to do a good deed, get it on video, and nominate Friends to pay it forward), the first thought that came to mind was to give someone a little gift from Sabi to brighten their day.

So I went to a local retirement home to give the gift of a Sabi HOLSTER to the first woman I met.

Now it’s your tun to pay it forward and brighten up someone’s day in your neighborhood with a random act of kindness. You can take the video with your phone and post it directly to our Facebook page here. :)


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What Good Goodies!

We  at Sabi are still buzzing from the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 25! We already posted a video that shows us in the goodie bag. You can view it here. And here are a few more goodies! Orlando Bloom! Dean Norris! Oh my!



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Sabi at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2014!

The Glitz! The Glam! What fun! Sabi was very happy to appear in the goodies bag at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday. Check us out in this video:

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