Cooper Hewitt, the New Yorker and Sabi

At the end of last year, the Cooper Hewitt Art Museum in NYC reopened its doors after a long reprieve with Beautiful Users, an exhibit centered around one of the fundamental changes in design thinking over the past half-century: the shift toward designs based on observations of human anatomy and behavior. If you’re in NYC and haven’t seen it yet, go. And not only to see several Sabi products… The exhibit is an awesome testament to the evolution of the people-centered design movement that’s at Sabi‘s core.


Not only were many Sabi products featured in the exhibition. Sabi pieces also caught the attention of New Yorker journalist Alexandra Lange. Read her whole article, “The New Cooper Hewitt”.

“‘Beautiful Users,’ curated by Ellen Lupton, concerns user-centric design and data-gathering. It features many familiar and everyday products, tweaked to make them easier, more flexible, and ‘smarter.’ These include Sabi’s pillboxes…”




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Space among the Best Wallet-Draining Housewares of 2014

FastCo. Design likes our Sabi Space line so much it made the short list of The Best Wallet-Draining Housewares of 2014! Check out the article here.

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A little more dwell love for Sabi Space…

We are loving the big article dwell published on Sabi Space, “Universally Easy Bathroom Accessories Ideal for Renovators of All Ages”. “Sabi‘s irresistibly cute accessories line kits out a bathroom with universal ease.”

Learn all about our design process straight from Sabi Space designers at MAP Project Office, London. Check out the full article here.

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Sabi Space in dwell’s Winter 2014 Buyer’s Sourcebook

We are thrilled that the Sabi Space line was selected to appear in dwell’s Winter 2014 Buyer’s Sourcebook, Editors Essentials. We also think Space products are essential — to the redesign of a super-functional, super-stylish bathroom!

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