Azure Mag loves Sabi Space

Bathroom Accessories with Better Functionality

Author Elizabeth Pagliacolo writes: “Unlike most bathroom add-ons geared to an older demographic, these smart-looking items – including Hold, a circular grab bar in silicone that doubles as a towel hanger and bears no likeness to those ubiquitous grab bars in the shape of steel brackets – have a broad appeal.”

Read the whole fantastic article about our new line here.

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Jewelry with Purpose

In the last month, a few very cool companies have popped up on our radar. Their products are very different from each other but they share a common mission (that we also share!): to make functional products beautiful, stylish and a pleasure to use! Check them out here:

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Sabi at the 11th Annual Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit!

If you were there, we hope you got to meet Sabi’s Director of Products, Rebecca McKinney, who delivered a very interesting and useful Analyst Briefing showing how a handful of successful companies use economic trend data to drive successful product development and marketing to Boomers.

Who are Boomers, how do they see themselves, and how can you use this knowledge to build products and marketing campaigns that really work?

If you missed Rebecca’s presentation you can still find out some tricks of the trade. Click here to download Rebecca’s presentation.

In other news, we were thrilled to release the first section of Sabi’s Annual Boomer Report at the event – Boomernomics is a digest of Boomer generation economic trends.

Did you know… By 2015, it is estimated that Boomers will control nearly 60% of U.S. net worth? 59% of Boomer parents are helping to support their adult children? And 38% of Boomers have 3 or more cars?

Find out more surprising economic trends characterizing the Boomer cohort today. Click here to download Boomernomics!

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Sabi at Dwell on Design’s Moving Modern Forward 2014

We LOVED participating in Dwell on Design‘s Moving Modern Forward event June 20-22, where we showcased the Sabi Space HOLD grab bar at the Design for Humankind Pavilion. The pavilion featured some of the most innovative products on the market for people with all spectrum of abilities. Our innovative and style-sensitive ADA-compliant HOLD, the central piece of our new Sabi Space collection, fit right in!

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