Q&A with Anthony Ptak on braving NYC Winter (with his cane)

What’s it like trying to get around New York City in the dead of winter with a cane? We at Sabi spoke with our amazing, inspiring, and unstoppable friend Anthony Ptak in Brooklyn, NY, on the topic. He lost control of his left hand, arm, and leg, and his vision doubled when he was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in 2011. He has been using a Sabi cane ever since. His secret for battling the winter? Keep on moving.

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A new golden age for cane design?

We at Sabi LOVE this article in this December 2013 issue of Abler. by Sara Hendren (Why did we only see this now?!… Ah well…) YES! It is a new golden age for cane design and Sabi’s ROAM line is at the center of that product development revolution!

“Auction houses will still sell you exquisite canes from the late 19th and early 20th century. They often feature ornate carved wood or engraved silver, with all manner of designs and images on their handles. For those who aren’t antiques enthusiasts, however, canes have been bereft of much contemporary design imagination. Until recently, that is.” Read the whole article here.

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Sabi on PBS Newshour

VIDEO – New generation of tech innovations aims to help elders stay healthy and connected

This 7-minute segment aired on PBS Newshour on March 20, 2014

We at Sabi love this PBS Newshour special on ‘Innovating technology for the needs and health of elders’, and not just because we’re featured! It’s an important and relevant piece on a new phenomenon in product development –  a new wave of start-ups that have begun developing products for seniors and their caregivers. Watch it now!

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We at Sabi are thrilled to have appeared in Paul Makovsky’s article ‘Modern Well-Being’ , in the February 2014 issue of METROPOLIS magazine.

“The wellness movement is changing how health care is delivered, providing more choices for everyone and championing the local and the accessible. It affects all levels of human activity, from the individual trying to use the stairs instead of elevators to urban policies that encourage biking and walking. Moreover, it allows all of us to define wellness in different ways—feeling good about oneself, working on physical fitness, or trying not to get sick…

[Sabi ROAM] canes marry ergonomic functionality with aesthetics and premium materials. They are available in three models—Classic, Luxe, and Sport (shown)—and several color options.”

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